The Idle Clicker Game That Breaks Into Shopping Ailes

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Wild Space is a first-of-its-kind game that invites kids to be part of parents’ grocery shopping experience. Follow the Animal Galactic, a herd of clawed, horned and hoofed Explorers that traverse space, and build resource-generating Outposts in search of new alien lifeforms.

Their mission is to develop and place self-reliant research Outposts on unexplored planets. To keep the Outposts running, the bright minds of the Animal Galactic have figured out how to sustainably harvest solar power, oxygen, and water and produce food.

Build Outposts on
Undiscovered Planets

Build resource-generating Outposts in this idle-clicker game. Go on Expeditions to expand your Outposts to new planets.

Search & Scan
real-world for QR Codes

Scan any real-world QR codes to receive WildBucks, the sought-after in-game currency used to elevate your gameplay experience. Scan participating products to receive an even larger amount!

Collect over 40 Explorers

Use WildBucks to purchase Explorer packs and complete your collection. Explorers can be assigned to buildings to boost production. Use the Explorer’s Special Abilities to further boost your resource generation. You can expect to see your favourite brands as Explorers too.

Turbo-Boost your Outpost

Use strategic configurations and layouts to maximize your Outpost's efficiency and boost production in more ways than one.